Acclaim for China’s political anniversary

LFH has created the branding and packaging for William Grant & Sons’ new limited-edition whisky Acclaim, which celebrates 60 years of Communist rule in China.

Each bottle will cost £3500 and come packaged along with a silver funnel and a Baccarat decanter, mounted on a removable plinth in a leather-bound carton.
LFH was appointed on the strength of its previous work for Grant’s, which tasked the group with creating a suitable brand to mark the occasion, combining Western premium design cues with traditional Chinese detailing. The consultancy has used a red and gold colour scheme, colours which represent luck and opulence in China.

The upwards curve of the decanter is described by LFH as being a ‘positive form’. The stopper, which has the Grant’s crest engraved in its centre, is modelled on the Olympic torch.

On purchasing a bottle of Acclaim, the customer will receive a visit from a Grant’s whisky ‘ambassador’, who will decant the bottle into the Baccarat decanter in a special ceremony.

The consultancy has rendered the Grant’s crest on a gold-coloured metal plaque on the bottle to provide brand recognition.

Eoin Cannon, brand manager at the company, says, ‘China is a large and growing Scotch whisky market with a taste for ultra-premium blends. ‘The 60th anniversary has given us the perfect opportunity to develop this new Grant’s brand.’

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