22 October 2009

Comic timing

If Farmer Palmer, The Fat Slags and ‘Hello, good evening and bollocks!’ mean nothing to you, the fact that Viz turns 30 this year will leave you cold. But for those who grew up sniggering at the jaw-droppingly rude, yet side-splitting hilarity of the magazine and its cartoon population, the anniversary offers license to snigger […]

Business systems prototype sketches, by Electronic Ink

Basic tools

Good systems software can be vital for the smooth running of consultancies, especially as the current economic climate demands greater efficiency. Anna Richardson looks at the options available

View of anaerobic workstation

House style

Investment in in-house design is growing rapidly, with dedicated teams working anywhere, from European centres in fashionable parts of London to converted barns in Yorkshire.

Puppet Ballet printed cotton dress fabric for Associated American Artists, 1953

Taking shape

Twentieth-century textile designers struggled to attain recognition, due to the influence of the dominant Modernist movements. A new book profiling prolific designer Jacqueline Groag addresses the imbalance. Anna Richardson reports

Konstantin Grcic

Profile – Konstantin Grcic

Furniture designer Konstantin Grcic keeps pushing his limits with challenging projects – despite a fundamental yearning for simplicity. Pamela Buxton speaks to him as he curates a show for the Serpentine Gallery


Reading Room is expanding its operations in Australia, saying it is a growth market. In your experience, which countries are coming out of recession fastest?

A Smile in the Mind could be an annual annual…

The guys at Thoughtful asked if we had considered producing an update of Smile in the Mind (Letters, DW 8 October). Well, the answer is… Yes. Annually. The discussion always goes the same way: How do you follow up the classic and guarantee a Godfather 2, rather than Star Wars 1-3? Has enough time gone […]

Security is always an issue with structural packaging

On the weekend as we were returning from Arizona we had collected a box of glass items that we were to take on the plane as hand luggage so that they did not break. Going through security at Phoenix airport the conveyor belt came to an abrupt stop and I was asked to move away […]

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