15 October 2009


Design pieces are going under the hammer in this month’s Phillips de Pury London Design Sale. Which piece of art or design would you most like to own,and why?

Circle completes project to brand a new Kuwaiti petrol and retail offer

Circle has completed a project to brand a new Kuwaiti petrol and retail offer, Oula – meaning ‘the first’ – having been appointed in 2005. The brand was forged as a private enterprise after the state-owned petrol company KNPC was dissolved. Circle was briefed to create a ‘modern international brand’ which would reflect a combined […]

Buddy designs a new toilet tissue range for Andrex

Buddy has designed a new toilet tissue range for Andrex. The wrap for the Winter Collection range features a row of sleeping ‘Andrex Puppies’ and is mostly transparent. Each pack will contain a selection of four seasonally themed designs. The range, which launches this month in Waitrose, targets consumers who consider toilet tissue as a […]

Ultimate grooming

A model’s plangent eyes look out from layers of paint, applied in trowel thickness; another casts her eyes down, her face embellished in swirling patterns. Part of the portfolio of Alex Box, trained artist-turned-make-up star, the images deconstruct conventional notions of beauty in fashion. In a new exhibition at Rankin’s gallery space, Annroy, Box’s creations […]

Simon Lake

The quiet revolution

Corporate design is no longer the poor relation of the creative world. People are starting to explore its possibilities like never before, says Simon Lake

A Rebours

Gathering pace

As new digital technologies allow an ever-greater amount of real materials to be used, rapid manufacturing is no longer a pipe dream. Anna Richardson visits The Bartlett’s new DM centre to explore what is already possible

A woodcut portrait of Mexican revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata, c1953

Paper rebels

Graphics and politics are inextricably linked, and this relationship continues in the social ferment of modern-day Mexico. Maeve Hosea explores two shows looking at how print has reflected and fuelled revolutionary fervour in this country

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