08 October 2009


Conran Octopus and the Design Museum have launched a new book called Design in Britain. What design do you think best sums up Britain?

Kingston University’s MA Design show

News in Pictures

Kingston University’s MA Design show opens today, exhibiting work including Wannayos Boonperm’s transformed office products and Sara Lanca’s Lake Chad table, which highlights global fresh water mismanagement.

All Tomorrow’s Posters

When All Tomorrow’s Parties came along ten years ago, its founder, Barry Hogan, had a vision of setting the festival apart from the likes of Glastonbury and Reading by staying

Give them a reason to stay

As the economy slowly picks up, clients should be guided to make the most of more limited budgets to influence consumer behaviour, says Paul King


Geezer pleasers

The ‘bloke’ sector is growing with the increase in the number of men living alone and shopping for themselves. David Benady looks at how food brands are hoping to cater

Light work

Three different European projects illustrate how innovative use of lighting can transform outdoor environments. Anna Bates looks at a temporary rooftop restaurant in Paris, a riverside in Gothenburg and a

Paula Dib

Profile – Paula Dib

Paula Dib discovered that the best way to get involved in sustainable design was to start her own community projects at home in Brazil. Gina Lovett talks to the former

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