Design pieces are going under the hammer in this month’s Phillips de Pury London Design Sale. Which piece of art or design would you most like to own,and why?

I’m going through a bit of an orange phase at the moment after wallpapering half my lounge in vibrant Marcel Wanders wallpaper. The perfect painting to complement this would be Mme Kupka Amongst Verticals, by Frantisek Kupka, from 1910. I first saw this painting at the Museum of Modern Art in New York last year. I was immediately uplifted by the intelligent use of vibrant, abstract blocks of colour, but then out of the chaos smiles the beautiful, serene face of Madame Kupka. A perfect balance of vibrant chaos completed by expertly observed detail. Must start saving up…..
Vanessa Christian, Head of design, Thorntons

I already own it (or rather them), a small collection of original Dan Dare artwork by Frank Bellamy and Frank Hampson, created in 1952 for the Eagle comic. An alternative, optimistic vision of the future portrayed in microscopic detail, so credible that it seared the imagination of a whole generation of school kids growing up in post-war Britain. I can’t imagine what they were paid to create these masterpieces, but they’re priceless to me.
Richard Seymour, Co-founder, Seymour Powell

One of Pablo Picasso’s Cubist ceramics, because they’re jewels of the 20th century. A bit of Lowndes or LS Lowry, because I’m from the grimy North. Lots of mid-century Swiss posters, because they have glamour, as well as a grid. Something contemporary and Russian, because they have soul and they’ll make money. Something contemporary and Chinese, because, although I don’t get the soul, they’ll make more money. A table by Alvar Aalto, a tablecloth by Isola, a canteen by Georg Jensen. What? I’m only allowed one thing…..
Richard Village, Strategic director, Fortune Street

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