Security is always an issue with structural packaging

On the weekend as we were returning from Arizona we had collected a box of glass items that we were to take on the plane as hand luggage so that they did not break.

Going through security at Phoenix airport the conveyor belt came to an abrupt stop and I was asked to move away immediately and stand in the middle of the secure area. I was told not to say anything and surrounded by airport security dressed in official blue uniforms I knew I was in trouble, but was not aware what I had done. Then the guys dressed in black arrived, always nerve-racking as they were either a bunch of designers or the bomb squad.

Yep, it was the latter and they were not happy. After intense discussion they decided to let me go and I saw the image of our two honey jars on the X-ray machine resembling hand grenades.

Seeing the image, I will never question airport security again, great job guys from now on I will keep a closer eye on structural integrity.
Glenn Tutssel, Executive creative director, The Brand Union, by e-mail

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