A Smile in the Mind could be an annual annual…

The guys at Thoughtful asked if we had considered producing an update of Smile in the Mind (Letters, DW 8 October).

Well, the answer is… Yes. Annually. The discussion always goes the same way: How do you follow up the classic and guarantee a Godfather 2, rather than Star Wars 1-3? Has enough time gone by? Is it really relevant any more? Is there the interest out there? You tell us…
Greg Quinton, Creative partner, The Partners, by e-mail

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  • Jeffrey Tribe November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Was the ‘The Dictionary of Visual Language’ by Philip Thompson and Peter Davenport, 1980, a forerunner to ‘Smile in the Mind’? Either way, these two books have been deeply inspirational on both my work and that of my students. I guess the sales figures will tell the full story – how many copies have actually been sold? Even although much of the work is timeless, I believe a follow with recent examples would be a treat none of us could resist particularly in this gloomy times.

    To kick-start the next project, how many of you readers have examples ready and waiting?

    Jeffrey Tribe
    Senior Graphics Lecturer
    Bedford College

  • Ellen Wibye November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I would love to have a sequel or make ‘A Smile in The Mind’ an annual book and I do agree with Martin Schooley (his letter in Design Week Magazine no 44) who suggests you not only focus on witty thinking but clever ideas that communicate to the end user. As a graphic designer I come from an advertising background where ideas are key and I believe it should be the same for graphic design. Ultimately we are building a brand and in order to create awareness around a brand you need a clever idea behind the design.

    I often get disappointed when I see design books focus almost exclusively on the use of colours and typography and the overall look and feel, but appear to have an absence of any ideas that a non-graphic designer would spot. If a follow up to A Smile In The Mind could be more idea-focused it’s bound to be rewarding and a great result and I would very much welcome it.

    Ellen Wibye
    Wibye Advertising & Graphic Design

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