Rising Stars Supplement

Rising Stars

Design talent can be uncovered in many ways, attending student awards or trailing degree shows being among the recognised routes to tracking rising stars. Speaking to those who are in

Craig Oldham

Graphics – Craig Oldham

‘Graphic design alone isn’t interesting,’ says Craig Oldham. ‘You can only talk about type, colour, format and production for so long. What makes graphic design interesting is what you communicate

Andrew Fice

Graphics – Andrew Fice

A passion for typography and street art inspired Andrew Fice to study graphic design. Currently working for Parker Williams Design, he still finds ways of taking something from the art

Naomi Atkinson

Interaction – Naomi Atkinson

Naomi Atkinson knew from an early age that she’d end up in ‘some sort of design role’. She loved art and technology, but it was only at A-level stage, ‘when

Interaction – Ann Poochareon and Mark Argo

‘Making interesting stuff with technology’ is what Ann Poochareon and Mark Argo do nowadays. The husband-and-wife duo find it difficult to convey their exact metier. ‘Most people can’t usually wrap

Alon Meron

Product – Alon Meron

‘I take most of my inspirations from little things that are available to all of us in life,’ says Alon Meron, who sees his move into design as a natural

Dominic Hargreaves

Product – Dominic Hargreaves

Dominic Hargreaves has been making his fair share of headlines this summer, as his Royal College of Art graduation products attracted interest from consumer press and industry alike. His Folder

Max Frommeld

Product – Max Frommeld

‘I can’t wait,’ says Max Frommeld, who has just embarked on the Royal College of Art’s Design Products course. The prospect of two years to work on his own projects

Design details from the Love

Interiors – Valeria Hedman

Becoming a creative director was always the plan for Valeria Hedman. At age seven she designed business cards bearing that title, her father told her. Today, Hedman is director of

Michael Witten

Interiors – Michael Witten

It was the problem-solving aspect of design, rather than his love of art, that drew Michael Witten to his profession. He wanted to be a graphic designer, but a work

Ruth Milne

Interiors – Ruth Milne

Ruth Milne’s experience is the perfect recipe for a spatial designer. After studying interior design at Middlesex University, she was hired by architect Hawkins Brown, before moving to the 3D

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