Rising Stars

Design talent can be uncovered in many ways, attending student awards or trailing degree shows being among the recognised routes to tracking rising stars. Speaking to those who are in regular contact with emerging talents, and whose job it is to keep tabs, is another.

In the second incarnation of Design Week’s Rising Stars we do just that. We present profiles of designers at varying stages of their careers – all displaying healthy self-belief, ambition and enthusiasm for their industry. Last year, we asked creative directors to nominate promising individuals. This year, we turned to course leaders known to produce award-winning students.

Separating categories proved difficult, as edges between disciplines are increasingly fuzzy – interaction overlaps with immersive environments and interiors, for example. And where one designer has gone the packaging route via sonic branding, another has moved from Web design to museum installations. Interaction proved particularly tricky, as designers come from such varied walks of life.

Encouraging new talent is vital to the industry’s success. The choices portray fresh-faced optimism and business awareness. The testimonies of our ‘stars’ should offer encouragement to those following in their steps, as well as keep design veterans on their toes.

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