Ice Scream debate melts into puddle of confusion

Oh dear, what have I started? I agree with Barnaby Benson (DW 16 February) that grammar can be loose, fresh and forward-thinking, and, where appropriate, nice, tidy and well-behaved. But has no one understood my point?

All I’m wondering (like Traci Rochester from Redflint, DW 9 February) is what ‘Is it chilli in hear'(sic) meant, especially the ‘in hear’ bit. What is it punning? As Benson failed to pick up on that, perhaps the original author could step forward and clear this up once and for all. Benson says, ‘mistakes should be sanctioned if they distract from the message,’ so what’s ‘in hear’ got to do with rebranding ice-cream vans?

By the way, ‘Ice scream’ – I love it too! And thank you to Rochester for checking my grammar for me.

Mark Cox, Designer, Tileywoodman, Reigate, Surrey RB2 9BS

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