Vid Ed: Avid-killer Media 100 underwent complicated restructuring before Christmas, but this hasn’t affected the issue of six new digital video software systems based on the current Vincent 601 card. They range from Media 100qxc which does broadcast quality for QuickTime at 5500 to Media 100xs which does real-time digital video with real-time everything – all for 19 000. And the Theo SuperProcessorT is a new digital in and out card, due in June. Media100 is on 0118-979 6100. The London dealer is New Media on 0171-434 1579.

In the detail: Young graphics hotshots are a bit sniffy about Fractal’s Ray Dream apps, partly because of the modest prices. That perception has been changed by Fractal’s new Detailer, a graphics app which allows you to paint on the surface of 3D objects in real time. You use 3D models created in, say, Ray Dream Studio or Designer or using any of Detailer’s own 3D primitives. Then you add texture, highlight, reflection, glow maps and so on. The demo we saw wasn’t all that impressive – but that was the demo not the app. This is the only software in the 300 mark that can do anything like this. Get it and the Ray Dream stuff from your local dealer or ask distributor Principal on 01756 704040.

Spring clean hard drive: You must know the Stuffit standard by Aladdin Systems. Now the company has brought out Spring Cleaning. Its function is to optimise hard drives by uninstalling unnecessary files, folders and fonts. It’s an eight-parter which can remove applications, repair invalid alias files and flagging unfixables, delete code from fat binary apps, remove folders and fonts, reassign files which have lost their original app and clean out obsolete preference files. Get details and a demo from and talk price (around 50) and availability on 081-401 1234.

People makers: We’ve always been shy about anthropomorphic apps, partly because they often produce images which bear only a passing resemblance to the human form and there’s something eerie about the proceedings. Why not use real people images? Fractal’s Poser version 2 partly answers that by enabling you to substitute 3D objects for body parts so you can have animated machinery. The company claims that Poser 2 is better with animation, including inverse kinematics and keyframing. There are new characters, some with clothing, and props can be added. As an upgrade the price is a snip at 70. New users need to save 190.

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