New vintage

A year after graduating, some people have little to show for their twelvemonth except a few more cigarette burns in the sofa and a lie-strewn curriculum vitae. But for the design graduates exhibiting at One Year On as part of New Designers, this is patently not the case. This year, as every year for the past 12, participants have been drawn from many areas of design, including graphics, product and jewellery.

The 2011 show yields gems in every category, from Eliza Simpson’s unusual twist on ceramics, in which a series of pots makes up a spinal cord of rising and falling shapes, to Katie Heeks’ quirky 3D illustrations (pictured).

The British wildlife and animals theme that has been steadily taking over the trendier end of illustration is still going strong, with One Year On exhibitors Katie Proctor and Heeks among those showing pieces that feature whimsical dogs, foxes, rodents and birds.

In the broader graphics discipline, pattern designer Imogen Heath shows a collection of British Transport-esque designs that looklike they could give Wallace Sewell a run forits money.

Notable in the interiors section is Clare Knox-Bentham, who creates slightly sinister laced hangings and Samuel Plant Dempsey, a product designer whose basic lamp and Forget Newton upside down light fitting are both elegant and witty.

This year is also strong in jewellery, with some exquisite pieces from Nicola Mather (pictured), Li-Chu Wu, Molly Perrin and Elizabeth Humble Cumbrae on show.

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