What issues would you like to see Simon ’Sanky’ Sankarayya take on in his role asnew president of D&AD?

The future of the creative industry is digital. And D&AD has a responsibility to champion innovation and education within this space.

Digital craft and technology must be embraced by the creative communities and therefore properly represented in the awards and education of the current and next generation. Sanky – with his background in information design, as founder and art director of a creative consultancy focusing on the use of technology, and lecturer at Hyper Island – is well placed to deliver.
Sam Chatwin, Creative director, Clock

I think we need to be realistic about what someone can achieve in this role in a relatively short period of time. However, now as never before, I believe there is a need to promote design’s role, in both society and the commercial world, as a discipline that not only gets things noticed, but genuinely makes a difference to the way we live our lives. And as the world becomes ever more complex, design has a huge role to play in un-complicating the complicated. I understand that Sanky embraces simplicity as one of his values, and as a graduate trained in information design, a discipline I much admire, then he must be very well placed to promote that philosophy.
John Mathers, Managing director, Holmes & Marchant

D&AD: designers are from Hackney, art directors are from Hollywood. Bringing design and advertising together and co-operating with other design organisations would be an achievement. Reminding Ed Vaisey, Creative Industries Minister, daily that we’re in the middle of a digital communications revolution that will have more impact than the Industrial Revolution and slashing Government budgets could lose a generation of advancement. And then – I think I still have the badge somewhere – remembering D&AD’s earliest mantra, ’Stimulation not masturbation’.
Brian Webb, Director, Webb & Webb Design

I would say this, wouldn’t I, as a person invested heavily in digital? I think the D&AD does a lousy job of representing digital, and as a native, Sanky is in a great position to fix it.
Nicolas Roope, Founder, Poke

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