Bubble Media tunes site for Wipeout Pure

Manchester creative group Bubble Media has been appointed by Sony Creative Entertainment Europe to design a website promoting its forthcoming game, Wipeout Pure.

The game, which is set to make an appearance on Sony’s soon-to-launch hand-held gaming device PSP, dates from 1995 but has been redeveloped for the PSP platform.

Bubble has been briefed to create a different kind of website, says consultancy managing director Liz Birkbeck. ‘The site will be the first of its kind to give access to new, downloadable content like music, after it launches,’ she explains.

The website and game are likely to launch simultaneously in a few weeks’ time, but a release date has not yet been set.

‘Wipeout is known for its highly stylised and distinctive look and feel,’ says SCEE product manager Toby Morrish. ‘Bubble’s concepts for the website capture the essence of the Wipeout series.’

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