24 January 2008

Word pictures

When the Wellcome Collection wanted to develop the potential of its website, a group of interactive designers suggested running a competition that exploited the gallery’s ‘word achieve’ to generate ideas.

Urban sell-out

As Bonhams prepares to auction a batch of urban art, Tristan Manco asks whether the big money changing hands will impact upon the genre’s roots With all the sexy ingredients

A question of size

Controversy wisdom says big clients are unwieldy monoliths when making decisions about packaging, and smaller companies are more willing to start with a blank canvas. David Benady suggests that the

Police investigation turns to web group

It has emerged that the investigations into the London Development Agency funding controversy involve design consultancy Ph Creative. The police are currently examining several cases of possible corruption and fraud

EC bolsters design after Beda meeting

The European Commission has agreed a series of measures intended to bolster the role of design in European innovation policy.The measures follow a meeting between The Bureau of European Design

Beneath the surface

Historians and film-makers seem to find London a source of endless fascination: there’s Peter Ackroyd’s London.

Using feedback to get results

Handling clients’ feedback isn’t easy, but seeking out their opinions can be a wise strategy that strengthens the bon between you, argues Jan Casey Client feedback is an essential component


French typographer Pierre di Sciullo likes to woe with big, bold letters – preferably created in 3D and incorporated into the very architecture itself. Natasha Edwards learns more about some

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