LNC logo for Christian Salvesen

European logistics company Christian Salvesen has unveiled a new identity, created by Lloyd Northover Citigate, which will be rolled out across Europe over the next three years.

It will unite the group’s two operating divisions under a single brand across eight countries.

The existing red, blue and white device and the industrial division’s swift symbol will be replaced by a new “orangey yellow” and turquoise livery when on a white background, or yellow and white when applied on a turquoise base. A roll-out starts immediately on stationery, buildings and vehicles.

Christian Salvesen chief executive Edward Roderick says: “The new design… creates a unified brand that will both reflect our size and increase our visibility as we expand our business across Europe. This is not just a new logo for the company, but a visual message that we are forging a successful path to the future.”

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