New breed

Bristol’s creative talent was unleashed when BBC Post Production Design closed. Trish Lorenz meets a group that has prospered in the fertile environment

‘I think the atmosphere that the [workshop] process created means it has becomes a more exciting place to work, where people aren’t nervous about expressing ideas,’ she adds.

The group is also committed to fostering young design talent, building relationships with schools, running workshops on ideas generation with AS art and design students and on portfolio presentation with university students.

Delmon and Hill are determined to enjoy the design process themselves. They’ve established a second company called Mini Mammal, which Delmon describes as a ‘place to develop our small, jewel-like gems’.

Mini Mammal’s first project, a range of clothing and products for children, is due to launch later in the summer.

‘At the moment it’s a balance between running the business and using our resources to do the things we want to do. In the future we’d like to have more time to develop our own ideas and more time to spend developing young designers,’ says Delmon.

Delmon’s role at the BBC saw her working across print design, 3D displays and branding. She won Design Week’s first broadcast award in 1995 and that year’s Best of Show for her work on Poems on the Box.

Releasing her multidisciplinary experience out of the constraints of the corporate world of the BBC and into the Bristol design scene looks to be a move that could be lined with silver.

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