Arthur Steen Horne Adamson rebrands Tetley’s Good Earth

Arthur Steen Horne Adamson is working on the identity, brand positioning and packaging for a new range of Tetley Products, Good Earth.

Tetley acquired Good Earth, originally a US brand, in 2007, and commissioned ASHA to carry out a sales promotion.

The consultancy’s brief was extended in 2008 to look at the identity, packaging of the products, Web presence, ads and promotional material for a UK organic range.

The logotype uses a ‘secret’ halo above the ‘e’ and sets an ‘organic and earthy’ tone for the brand, according to ASHA partner Marksteen Adamson. A ‘friendly and traditional’ lower-case Rockwell font is used in the marque.

Repositioned for the UK market, the brand is based around three principles for consumers to interact with. Good for the Planet, Good for others and Good to you have been condensed to form the ‘Good Earth guide’ – which shows consumers the brand’s properties.

There is no visible mention of Tetley on the packs, which feature illustrations by Cathie Bleck and carry the Good Earth Guide Theme on a panel, showing the bodies and values which the brand susbscribes to, including Organic Soil Association and GM-free.

Activity sheets for adults and children can be downloaded from the new website, mainly aimed at ‘mother and child’, Adamson says.

A national roll-out of the teas starts at the end of this week, before poster, digital and TV advertising campaigns begin in October.

The consultancy has also created a tea-bag shaped ‘bag for life’, in a bid to further reflect the new brand values.

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