Paul Brazier and Simon ‘Sanky’ Sankarayya are taking over as president and deputy president of D&AD. What issues would you like to see them address over the next year?

First, they have got to keep D&AD in the black. It’s been well publicised that it has had to cut a third of its staff recently. Its challenge is going to be maintaining the organisation’s sustainability and focus after something like that. D&AD plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between education and industry. As this gap is as large as ever at the moment, the role it has to play is as important now as it has ever been. I wish them luck.
Matt Dent, Director, Three Fish in a Tree

As far as we’re aware, Sanky’s appointment is the first-ever nickname-preferring D&AD president-in-waiting. Does this indicate some tie-loosening over at Graphite Square? The President’s Lecture series could be rebranded the Prezzies, the Executive Committee becomes Sneaky (to note its tendency to combine Converse sneaker pumps with suits), and the Education Council (of which 300million is a member) becomes the Swots. As ever, we’ll be working hard to win a yellow Yelly.
Matt Baxter, Creative director, 300million

D&AD’s work in education is its most exciting and important mandate. A continued and sharpened focus on the realities of a career in creativity for those aspiring to enter the profession is vital. Paul Brazier and Simon Sankarayya must continue to support educators in developing the next generation’s creative abilities, but they must also find ways to give them a meaningful understanding of the industry. Helping to establish this well before graduates enter the market will be an important measure of their success.
Patrick Baglee, Director, Navyblue

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