Some think MPs need feedback from their constituents…

Following Public Zone’s creation of an iPhone app that allows constituents and MPs to communicate with each other, you posed the question, ’What would you design for your MP, and why?’ (Voxpop, DW 18 February).

When asked what he thought about Western civilisation, Mahatma Gandhi replied that he thought it would be a good idea.
I feel the same way about our democracy and maybe we can start to move towards it.

So on that note, I’d give my MP an app showing (in as close to real time as possible) how things are for his or her constituents – both in absolute terms, and comparatively with other constituencies and over time.

Ideally, the app would cover all aspects of the constituency’s life, not just NHS waiting times (though those would no doubt be good, too).

If the constituents also shared this app and we could all exchange ideas and comments, that would be a big step forwards.

Alex Morrison, Managing director, Cogapp, by e-mail

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