Redpath plays its rebranding Ace

The Association of Consulting Engineers last night unveiled a refreshed corporate identity, designed by Edinburgh consultancy Redpath, as part of an extensive repositioning programme. Its formal name becomes the Association for Consultancy and Engineering, but the organisation will be branded as Ace.

Ace is a membership body that represents the commercial interests of the UK consultancy and engineering industry in the built and natural environment. It appointed Redpath to embark on a rebrand after holding a three-way credentials presentation in March.

Under chief executive Nelson Ogunshakin, who arrived in January, the business association is looking to redefine how both it and the engineering industry are perceived. According to Redpath communications director Allison Traynor, it is attempting to ditch a ‘dirty hands’ image.

Ace communications director Andy Walker says the repositioning ‘wasn’t just a question of a new coat of paint’, but a complete rebrand that changes the organisation internally and externally. ‘It has helped us to more clearly define what we represent and who we are,’ he adds.

An extensive fact-finding study, conducted prior to Redpath’s involvement, revealed that some of the larger engineering groups were ‘hopping over Ace’s head’, while some smaller groups felt they were not being represented properly, says Traynor.

The marque’s two curves represent balance and structures above and below ground, according to Redpath creative director Andrew Hunter. The group has also produced six abstract engineering images to be used alongside the logo.

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