Vested Interest makes Renfrew Riverside splash

Greenock-based design group Vested Interest Design has created the identity for a newly launching Scottish public/private partnership called Renfrew Riverside.

The partners behind the initiative, formed to oversee the £500m regeneration of one of the largest stretches of the River Clyde, held a three-way pitch for the work in January, and appointed Vested Interest to the five-figure project very soon afterwards.

‘We created a theme called “Only a Stones Throw” to endorse Renfrew Riverside’s close proximity to Glasgow City, Glasgow airport, the motorway network, the Highlands and the sea,’ explains Vested Interest founder Iain McGregor.

‘The stone element in the identity is a strong device that will be used in the communication material. Stone has values of strength and solidity, endorsing the eight years of development that have already been invested in the project,’ he says.

The branding will be applied to signage, stationery and printed literature.

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