What do designers think about charging for design usage?

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I hope this letter might stimulate some debate and throw some light on the thorny subject of “usage fees”.

We are a small consultancy and as such are probably more vulnerable to the whims and requests of our clients. However, as a matter of principle, we stand firm on issues such as payment for pitching and creative ideas.

The grey area for us is when clients ask to re-use a creative solution, which we have originally generated.

For instance, we are increasingly asked to forward a disk to clients containing design, illustration or computer images which they wish to apply, using an alternative supplier, to other literature, website or Powerpoint presentations.

Experienced clients ask if there is a usage fee, while others believe the work is already paid for. I would like to know how fellow design consultants react to this scenario and if they do charge, how they calculate additional fees.

I look forward to hearing the views of others in the industry.

Jan Hildebrand

Hildebrand Design

London W1

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