It’s when things appear to be going wrong or I’ve made a mistake that I become most aware of a visit from inspiration. Because everything now becomes ‘off plan’, your antennae are sharper and you are more awake. You need to find a new way through.

The other day I was interviewing for a new au pair and misplanned the times, which resulted in two arriving at the same time.

It was a mistake that made me uneasy until I realised that by witnessing the two of them engage together, I was able to make a more confident and rapid decision on who would be right for our family. It’s a process I will use from now on.

Earlier this month I was at a great awards dinner and found myself in a taxi at 2am without a wallet (things were definitely going wrong). My anxiety was replaced by inspiration and I eventually made it home, able to pay a cab.

The experience has enriched my relationship with London – so much so that I left it a couple of days before going to collect my wallet.

Recognising and learning how to create the conditions for collective inspiration to get breakthrough is an ongoing Jam quest, full of adventure.

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