Police forces come clean with sanitiser branded by Tentrees

Wiltshire-based consultancy Tentrees has branded Clean Force, a new hand sanitiser to be issued to police forces in the UK from next week.

The consultancy was appointed by manufacturer Hygenica Solutions in October on the strength of previous work with the company, including designing a corporate identity and a website.

The client wanted a ‘business-like’ brand, to reflect the convenience of the delivery system and conform to its existing identity.

The design uses the same colour scheme of light and dark blue on a white background as the Hygenica Solutions logo, also designed by Tentrees. The new logo uses Futura Medium font with a spray design coming from the ‘o’ of ‘force’.

Paul Griffiths, director at Tentrees, says, ‘It is a clean, sharp, no-nonsense look and the simple, geometric qualities of the font work well with the spray element.’

‘The blue-and-white colour scheme is also very different to similar products on the market,’ he adds.

The 8ml pen spray will be issued to officers across the country, and a branded recycling facility is being trialled in Gloucestershire police stations.

Simon Whittington, director at Hygenica Solutions, says, ‘Many forces see this as sending a positive message that they are taking infection control seriously.’

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