Sainsbury’s organic range is too uniform to be easy to use

In response to the article on packaging of organic produce (DW 31 August), Williams Murray Hamm has won awards for the SO Organic range of packaging, but I have been buying organic for years and the redesigned Sainsbury’s range looks lovely, but it is flawed.

The inspired images of a ‘soiled root’ on the outside may ‘highlight the natural origins’, but I have often opened a tin of beans instead of tomatoes because the design looks identical. I rely on the photography or a bolder design that tells me instantly what’s in the tin. This makes my life easier as I prepare a hasty meal.

Experience has indicated that people think you’re posh if you buy organic, so the ranges shouldn’t look expensive or exclusive. The design should encourage customers to buy them as an affordable, healthier option. You have to get real about this and not try to be too clever. You don’t need to ‘dramatise the growing process’ – I need to be able to get on and cook the dinner.

Hilly Famewo, Graphic designer, Cottier & Sidaway Design, Potton, Bedfordshire SG19 2NP

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