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Below are the top online news stories published by Design Week over the past week. Magazine subscribers can sign up for free e-mail alerts and access the archive at www.designweek.co.uk. You need to quote your subscription number for access

  • Bostock and Pollitt has created the branding for International Airlines Group, the holding company formed by the merger of British Airways with Spanish airline Iberia (25 January)
  • Authorities in Mumbai, India, are set to launch a competition to brand the city, according to reports in the Indian press, which say a search will be launched internationally (24 January)
  • 999 Design has launched a new office in Latvia, to cater for Baltic companies seeking to develop products and services for the UK market (24 January)
  • The Associate Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group has set up a Design Commission to promote design to Government (21 January)
  • Fallon partner and head of art Mark Elwood is set to join new consultancy 101, based in London, alongside former colleagues from Fallon (20 January)

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