Berryman Ball flies BA Skyflyers identity

Windsor consultancy Berryman Ball has injected some fun and colour into Skyflyers, the children’s brand identity for British Airways, says consultancy director Graham Jerome-Ball.

The group has brought the Skyflyers pastel colour palette in line with BA’s red, white and blue and has introduced a graphic sub-brand of coloured spots.

The two identities are currently being rolled out on children’s in-flight merchandising, which will include bags, toys and literature. The new sub-brand will be implemented as both wallpaper and carpet designs in the airline’s new crèche facilities, making it “a real visual identity as well as a brand”, Jerome-Ball adds.

“Children now make up five per cent of BA’s passenger load and the airline has realised if you keep the youngsters happy, you keep the parents happy,” says Jerome-Ball, who has been working with the airline since 1987.

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