Patents prove creative nature of engineers


I was not at the British Design Initiative gathering of industrial designers the other week, so my views on your editorial (Comment, DW 21 May) are relatively unbiased. Being an “oily rag” designer myself, I strongly point out that being involved with the engineering aspects should not in any way detract from your creative skills. In fact, I would say that the opposite is true. Understanding a bit about physics and engineering gives you a greater freedom to innovate.

A visit to the Patent Office library confirms my point as quite a number of our “engineering/ industrial designers” have accrued patents. A patent is only granted if an idea is workable and original, its originality or not being established by independent examiners who have access to all relevant published material.

However, it must be stated that a vast amount of original design must inevitably fall outside the scope of a patent.

Incidentally, referring to Richard Murray’s Private View (DW 21 May) I am an “older designer” and yes, he’s quite right, I am also a “consultant older designer”.

David Crisp

London E8

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