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Business Link is one of those rather anonymous, multiheaded, private-public organisations that exists to provide advice to businesses of all kinds – on training, exporting, management, whatever. Like Citizens Advice

Students score with exhibition venue

It’s that time of year again for students. But the Design Week award for most innovative location for a university design show goes to Coventry. Students of automotive engineering design,


Kitchen appliance manufacturer Breville has departed from tradition with the Daisy Sandwich Toaster, which goes on sale in June. Packaging for the novelty toaster has been created by Manchester consultancy

WMB shapes up Planet Organic

Food store Planet Organic is to distance itself from the “hokey” image of organic products with a new brand identity created by Williams Murray Banks. The consultancy is set to


Wawa is a new showroom promoting the complementary talents of designers Richard Joseph Ward and Lucy Wassell. Ward specialises in contemporary sofas and Wassell is dedicated to creating hand tufted

Still in print – Case studies

The design for print business faces uncertain times. As corporate communications is experiencing something of a digital renaissance, the only certainty is change. There is much evidence to show that

Chime consultancies join to form AMD Group

FOUR design and communications consultancies owned by Chime Communications are being joined together formally under one umbrella brand. Corporate branding and literature group Smithfield Design, Web design group IAB, Bell

Coming to a full stop

Punctuation should be more than just an afterthought, an incorrectly placed comma can completely alter the sense of a sentence, says David Bernstein

The day the sky fell in

Sky Television one of the leading global broadcasters was left with egg on its face at the launch of Reach For The Sky after its public address and video systems

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