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Here’s another interesting infographic, this time showing the dominant colours on the Web. The site Colour Lover reveals that blue is the most used colour in people’s profile design. It also looks at the top 100 sites across the globe to see which is the most popular colour used.
If you missed one of Design Week’s favourite illustrators Lizzie Mary Cullen’s first solo show you can take a peek at it on You Tube. The British designer showcased her work at Artefact Framers Gallery, in which all proceeds went to the Big Issue. Even Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe was there…
Drowning in brands is a collection of photographs where brands have been recreated in rose formations, all shot underwater. The Distil Ennui site, from photographer Alexander James, has recreated nine iconic brands such as McDonalds (pictured), Nike and Apple.
Trick or treat. A bit of Halloween trickery seems appropriate this week. The Feed blog from Orange has set up a trick or treater – scrambling together all the dark and scary sites on the Internet to get you in the mood for the witching hour. Click the witch and see if you’ll be tricked or treated.

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