Modern marketing and blood, blood, glorious blood

I am staggered by people’s apathy when it comes to giving blood, and am broadly in agreement with Clare Dowdy’s description of what it’s like to do so (DW 7 February).

I have been a donor since I became eligible at 18. My father gave blood until he turned 70 and it felt entirely natural to follow in his (and my sister’s) footsteps. I believe I have a moral duty as a healthy human being.

The ‘brand experience’ does indeed have ‘an element of instant gratification’. Not only can I eat as many Tuc biscuits and drink as much squash as I like, but I always leave with that warm glow of knowing I might well have saved a life and – dare I say it – that life might one day be my own. What can be more tangible than that?

Incidentally, I’m not sure how to improve the National Blood Service’s marketing, but how about something along the lines of, ‘Think you’re a decent member of society? Never bothered to give blood? Think again!’

Martin Campion, Product manager, Direct Wines, Theale RG7 4PL I am staggered by people’s


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