UK’s first drive-thru’ cashpoint

Barclays is the latest bank to broaden its distribution capability, as the high street sector struggles to maintain share against increasing competition from supermarkets, insurance companies and electronic services.

It is the first bank in Britain to install a US-style drive-thru’ cash machine, at Hatton Cross near Heathrow Airport.

US self-service banking specialist NCR designed the core machine and its casing. Meanwhile, Barclays’ in-house team created the on-screen graphics.

BDG McColl Retail designed the graphics around the machine. It also created the adjacent totem.

“The [screen] graphics are intended to create the feel of speed and movement. We haven’t set out to create an alternative brand to Barclays,” says Barclays network development head Dick Parkhouse. The machine has more than 200 screen messages.

It will pilot for six months before a roll out decision is made.

Barclays also launched its over-the-phone investment company B2 this month, with branding by The Partners (DW 8 May).

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