Synergy logo at Royal Society

The Royal Society has a new corporate identity created by Synergy, intended to be both contemporary and traditional. The group started a review in January of the science academy’s internal


The deadline for the Horners Award, open to companies that excel in the design or processing of plastics, is 16 June. Products must be made mainly of plastics and have


Lewis Moberly has created a new identity and packaging for classic champagne group Bollinger. The consultancy won a strategic and credentials pitch against five UK and five French design groups

I never forget a face…

Politicians have to put up with a lot from the public. They face thrown eggs, hurled insults and, even worse, being mistaken for their opponents. Such was the treatment dished

Enterprise IG heads for Brazil

Enterprise IG is planning to set up an office in Brazil to service its new South American clients. – Enterprise IG has been targeting the region for the past six

The naked truth

The human body is a marvellous thing. So marvellous that the makers of the BBC series The Human Body wanted to show it in its full glory. They came up

CDT is football crazy

CDT Design has recreated the World Cup experience through an interactive Snickers-branded coach. The vehicle has been refitted with Astroturf, World Cup memorabilia, video screens, CD-ROMs and the Snickers’ website.

A Sporting Chance

Matthew Valentine surfs through the latest book on design in sport and is pleased to find that soon you won’t even have to leave your chair to be a winner.


The Core has named and branded Sundance Ale, the new beer that is a three-way collaboration between Tesco, J D Wetherspoon and Marston’s Brewery. The beer is sold at Tesco


The Open University Business School has a new suite of prospectuses for the next academic year. The brochures are the work of Manchester group Montage Bridgewater Barron, which also created

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