We’ll be watching paint dry until clients start taking risks

It’s not the design industry that lacks confidence, despite what Horacio Herrera-Richmond thinks (Letters, DW 8 October).

With the onset of privatisation, the health and education sectors are now as keen to achieve a recognisable image as sportswear manufacturers. The success of the Lottery means a grim battle for charities to stand out in the marketplace.

But where Nike, Levi’s and Coca-Cola win out is in their willingness to be more daring in their conceptual ideas. It’s not always about how much money can be thrown at a campaign.

Herrera-Richmond states that we need “to be more versatile”. I would argue that laughing in the face of absurd deadlines, sourcing impossible props for photoshoots, and finding a way to make people stop and read about an exciting new invention to dry paint proves that versatility defines us – and any client can take advantage of that.

Michelle Tricket

Marketing and communications manager

Aricot Vert Design


Hampshire GU13 9QH

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