For years, the iconic culture magazine The Face was a fascination and an inspiration to me. It was labelled ‘the style bible of the 1980s and early 1990s’, and I subscribed between 1992 and 1995. In this period I learned that a ‘subculture’ was what every hormonal late-teen was searching for. It’s a shame my parents binned the lot last year when clearing out the garage.

Last year, I was introduced to Jamie Morgan, one of the founding fathers of the Buffalo movement, possibly the biggest youth subculture to grace its pages. The ‘Killer’ image photographed by Morgan and styled by the late Ray Petri is one of the most recognisable photographs from the Buffalo archive. ‘Ray put the word Buffalo into the dictionary of style and remained inspirational for future generations,’ says Terry Jones of ID.

Stereo is currently involved in a number of collaborative projects celebrating Morgan’s pioneering photography and often iconic portrayal of culture at that time. We’re working with Morgan to design and produce a slick portfolio-style website to house his huge collection of photographs and films. We’re also working with him on a number of music-related projects, which still have their roots very much inspired by a universally recognisable style.

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