Creativity should ‘enrich and inform’

In reference to Felix Verlarde (Letters, DW 23 July) I can’t restrain myself any longer.

To say “creativity comes from a thorough understanding of commercial pressures” and not “spontaneous insight”, is retarded. My role as a creative director is to begin the process of reworking those “commercial pressures”.

Corporations the world over are changing the way they do business…humanity is changing too. We can sit here and “service” their future needs or help push them along a better path. We are all part of a rebirth of media, in all its (mostly hideous) forms, into something that serves, enriches and informs man, not bores/ intimidates him into buying the latest trainers or whatever.

It gets hard to articulate all that could be said because we’re still evolving the vocabulary.

Richard Hayes

Creative director


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