Marketplace at McDonald’s

Fast food giant McDonald’s has commissioned Marketplace Design to work on a new project. The London group is believed to be developing several individual restaurant concepts for the fast food chain. A McDonald’s spokeswoman confirms the appointment, saying, ‘Marketplace is one of a number of design groups which work for us, and it is involved […]

Hamlet: the first cut

The first published edition of Hamlet has been given a futuristic makeover by Red Shift Theatre Company, in a bid to exploit the play’s relevance to modern audiences. Launching in London after the Edinburgh Festival, the play features publicity material created by Cog Design and costumes by Red or Dead. Cog was briefed to reflect […]

Four in Westminster shortlist

Four design teams have been shortlisted in a competition to create new street furniture for London’s Westminster. Art 2 Architecture, Pearson Lloyd Design Partnership, Timpson Manley and Mackenzie-Chong Design have reached the second stage in the competition to design a “Millennium Post” to carry signs and other information. Westminster City Council hopes that eventually a […]

Function must be design’s first aim

Being a junior graphic designer in my second year of work I have learned a lot about the industry. Recently, I was researching design groups on the Web. One group had a beautiful website, a client list to die for and some mouth watering visuals. The next day we received some stock photography packages from […]

Street furniture could put design on the map

It’s great that Westminster City Council has decided on street furniture as a way of marking the new millennium. Whichever of the four “Millennium Post” finalists its illustrious jury selects, central London will join that international star Barcelona and


JVC has launched some additions to its RealVision range of video cameras, targeted at all cinematographers from beginners to experts. Designed in-house, the GR-DVL family promises to combine the latest digital technology with affordability. Prices start at £700. The cameras have nine digital effects, including black and white recording, sepia, classic film, a slow shutter […]

Eroski holds its own with Wagstaffs’ help

Spain’s biggest retailer is undergoing an own-label overhaul conducted by Wagstaffs. A five-strong shower and bath gel range will be the next redesigned selection to go on-shelf. Based in Bilbao, Eroski is expanding throughout Spain with a chain of urban convenience stores, branded as Consum. “It wants to compete with brands on its own level […]

Personnel Assets

Everyone has heard stories of people fleeing nightmare working environments. But the cost of replacing and retraining a new employee is estimated to be seven times higher than keeping an existing employee motivated. It is hardly surprising that businesses are becoming more aware of the need to maintain harmony at work. Internal communications are increasing […]

Uncoated paper is not the answer for every job

I just heard a scream! What the heck is Chris Whalley talking about (Letters, DW 23 July)? Uncoated stocks are great for single page documents or even posters. Try to print a 36-page brochure on uncoated stock and 95 per cent of them will have some sort of set off or scuffing – even your […]

Designer tantrums ensure total eclipse trip

As millennium mania sweeps the country, the excitement is temporarily being put on hold in preference for next month’s total solar eclipse – the first one for 72 years. Thousands of people will make their way to northern France or south-west England to get the best views of the historic meteorological event, including staff at […]

CSD Exhibition Group meets

At the inaugural meeting of the newly-formed CSD Exhibition Group last week, chairman Neal Potter said the group “won’t be in competition” with the Museum and Exhibition Design Group. Potter adds: “I hope the Exhibition Group can initially return to basics and establish what a professional exhibition designer is and what a client can expect […]


Serena Rees and Joseph Corre of lingerie company Agent Provocateur have converted their Clerkenwell office into a showroom for the Italian furniture company Edra Mazzei. Venue: 119 Charterhouse Street, London EC1.

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