Inspired: Andrew and Iain Foxall – Foxall Associates

Feeding the inspiration bank is key, and the broader the inspirations, the more unique our work becomes.

Recently? Courtauld Gallery’s new acquisitions show, a quote from the wife of director John Landis who said his films ’put the “b” into subtle’, a flyer by Josh Millard, the sunlight on the leg of the Vogue covergirl Chad Pitman shot for us, an outfit in Etro’s fall/winter collection, a bike trip around the Biga Peninsula in west Turkey, Pierre Bonnard’s paintings of his wife in the bath.

It’s easy for a creative person to become lost in inspiration – the benefits come once the inspirations are channeled. Each month we meet and submit inspirations for each project – this prompts ideas and also gauges our creativity. We recently put together a team in Istanbul to art direct the new Vogue Turkey. I asked all candidates to submit relevant inspirations and hired them mainly on that basis.

And the best thing is that I now have two inspiration meetings to chair each month.

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