29 November 2007

Signs of equality

Sign designers know that signs should be kept simple. But when a client asks you to double the information by having dual languages, the task of keeping them looking simple

Change agent

At Samsung Electronic’s Gumi Complex plant, about 240km south east of the South Korean capital Seoul, mobile phone handsets drop off the production line at a dizzying rate of one

Fresh faces for Saudi TV from Turquoise

Saudi TV, Saudi Arabia’s national broadcasting corporation, is to launch brand identities for its four core channels, created by Turquoise.The consultancy was briefed to create a ‘bold new network mark

Three triumph in AHI interpretative awards

The Association for Heritage Interpretation has announced the winners of its 2007 Interpret Britain and Ireland awards.Irish-based design consultancy Martello Media and the Cliffs of Moher visitor experience in Ireland

Still life

The great Russian film-maker Andrei Tarkovsky left behind a legacy of extraordinary visual poetry in his relatively short life. He was an auteur with a predilection for long, lingering takes,

Mitigating risk pays dividends

Managing your cash flow and factoring in flexibility are the best ways to survive when the going gets tough, says Bryan Wilsher As chief financial officer of Loewy, I am

Gold rush

The streets of London may be mythically paved with gold, but Mayfair and Soho positively reeked of the substance this week, following the launch of the new Comme des Garçons


Dissatisfaction with lame college projects led the founders of Fuel to originate their own. Yolanda Zappaterra talks to the team who divide their time between client commissions and running an

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