David Eveleigh-Evans – Method, New York

I am inspired by those who play with the notion of what is, and say ’what if?’ For me, Ferran Adrià is an exemplar of this. Honing his decontructivist passion where nothing is what it seems, he provokes surprise and delight consistently through one of life’s profound pleasures, food.

A generous collaborator, Adrià breaks boundaries and pioneers techniques which he rigorously executes in limitless application. This attitude to understanding your subject with deep experimentation and relentless prototyping is exhilarating. It is a synesthetic approach that creates a collision of ideas with fresh outcomes and results in applied radical thinking. With a playful and fluid sense of his arena, he has challenged social norms and revolutionised his field.

These adductive leaps, which come from an intimate knowing, recode our expectations with the authenticity of a practice driven by love. By meticulously cataloguing and sharing his findings in the pursuit of his vision, his quixotic liberation of the rules re-engages us to find our own viable dreams.


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