College Design


The Holding Company


College Hill is set up as a financial PR company privately owned by the partners. Concentrates on investor relations and corporate communications.

100 plus people including College Design, with 120-150 plc clients.1998 income was £7.5m (Marketing magazine).

The Design Offer

1992College Design is set up by creative director Guy Lane.

Managing director Paul Owen and Lane are partners in College Hill. It has 22 staff, 12 of whom are designers.

The Work

50 per cent annual reports

15 per cent corporate literature

20 per cent corporate identity

15 per cent corporate and investor relations websites

College Design works for 40-50 of its parent company’s clients.

The Future

Websites will grow to be 40-50 per cent of the work. Group needs to divert resources because it is based in print. Recruiting people to grow digital media organically. Growth rates expected of 30-35 per cent.

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