RPS/ Raven qualifies for KPMG K Learning

Financial services group KPMG is setting up a virtual knowledge and training system, K Learning, with design developed by RPS/ Raven. The system is due to launch in mid-September.

The Web-based service is linked to KPMG’s associates programme. Associates are recruited from outside the company, and accredited to provide services, such as consultancy or training services, to KPMG clients.

The first phase of K Learning will concentrate on recruiting consultants. Those that have already achieved accreditation will be able to post their CVs and other details on the site.

Extra services, including sections for administration and invoicing, will be added to K Learning over the next 12 months. There will also be a facility enabling private, project-specific areas to be established, to allow better management of client relationships.

The ultimate aim of the service is to benefit client service, says project leader Amy Tiley of RPS/ Raven.

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