3 January 2008

Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media has appoin ted Adam Poulter, former chief executive of digital content group IMD, to the position of executive commercial director.

Situations vacant

Next week, 2008’s pendulum will be set rocking by the London Art Fair, as 100 British galleries unveil their displays of contemporary art. Beyond the booths, it’s worth checking out the Photo 50 exhibition, dedicated to contemporary photography put together by the Curating Programme at Goldsmiths College. Called Untitled Tales, it draws connections between artists […]

Planning for a brighter future

By embedding planning into their business model, design groups can better serve their clients – just like ad agencies do, says Katie Lancaster Having joined Blue Marlin Brand Design four months ago, after nearly 15 years as a planner in advertising, it is intriguing to reflect on the growing role of planning in a design […]

Dashwood House

Building a brand to keep Land Securities’ latest City of London office development ahead of the pack was the challenge for two consultancies, 300million and All of Us. Tasked with turning an architectural revamp of an office building into a hot new seller, technology was deemed the most effective design tool to market Dashwood House […]


French design duo DeValence thrives on producing conceptual, highbrow work, such as a ‘signage book’ for an exhibition, yet they dream of doing more mainstream projects. John Stones catches up with the pairIt all started off as a bit of a joke. Calling up for internships after their graphic design courses, Alexandre Dimos and Gaël […]

…in a world where even Design Week fails the equality test

There are, indeed, many excellent women designers, plenty at a senior level, but very few at the top (Comment, DW 13 December). When I look across the design business, both now and over the past 20 years, the famous names are virtually all men. Women are not as driven to get recognition and kudos for […]

There’s more to London than trendy postcodes

With regard to your piece on business rent (News Analysis, DW 13 December), I have to ask the question, what is this obsession with having to work in central London? I read the following with astonishment: ‘Many creative groups in the centre of London pay rents of about £540 per m2’. Who? How? Why? In […]


How should designers be approaching their work in 2008 to ensure creative success? Is there anything right now they should be seeking to avoid? It seems like things might get tight in 2008, but the value of effective design to the UK economy, and to world resources, has really sunk in. There’s only one answer […]

Women can make it to the top, but must prove their worth…

I would like the opportunity to respond to your editorial item on women working in the design sector (Comment, DW 13 December). For four years, I was a designer at Pentagram. I recall that there was a set of criteria which were used to determine basic eligibility for promotion to partnership. To the best of […]

Inspired, Silas Amos – Jones Knowles Ritchie

For me, inspiration comes from conversation. Obviously, galleries, travelling and so on fill my visual memory up for future regurgitation. But I find the feeling of being truly inspired comes from getting to see the familiar through fresh eyes, and conversational sparring takes me there. Talking through projects with a like-minded colleague or pal takes […]

Not just for Christmas?

Designers still send out Christmas cards, but Adrian Shaughnessy wonders if these are genuine displays of creativity or thinly disguised pitches for new business By now they’re all in the recycling bin. One or two may have been kept because of their dazzling brilliance, but the rest will have been pulped. What am I talking […]

Time to raise our game in 2008

Last year’s launch of the Apple iPhone was arguably one of the most successful product stories of the decade. And yet some say that the world of product design is at a crossroads or, worse still, doomed to disaster in the new eco-aware climate. So just what will happen in the business of product design […]

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