10 January 2008

In perspective

Architecture visualisation has made great progress in the past decade, and the services offered by designers to communicate ideas can prove more valuable than spending big bucks on advertising. It’s

The light fantastic

Flatteringly lit restaurants, hotel lobbies and high-end retail spaces have long reaped the commercial benefits of ambient lighting design, although high cost has limited investment in other sectors. However, well-documented

Turkey’s turn

Best known for its traditional Islamic and Ottoman designs, Turkey is emerging as the nation to watch for its approach to more contemporary creations, reports Sarah Verdone Anyone who has

Reflections on a landmark

The Barbican: beauty or brute? It’s an enduring question, and one that has been interpreted by many artists since its concrete blocks arose out of a London bomb site in

It pays to be the good guys

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are the order of the day, and design groups can do their bit to spread the message, says Gill Parker Whatever your views on the subject,


As a graphic artist lucky enough to work for his cultural heroes, Nick Robertson has been able to explore his desire to experiment in both digital and physical media. Fiona

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