Studio Parris Wakefield is on the pulse with Citizen refresh


Studio Parris Wakefield has designed a new identity for independent French record label Citizen Records. The refresh marks Citizen Records’ tenth anniversary and draws inspiration from the label’s motto ’Fresh blood only’, according to Studio Parris Wakefield, which was appointed directly in January.

A redrawn version of the font Nova, by Lux Typographics, has been used and a ’CTZ’ marque created in the form of ’pulsing’ sound waves.

The consultancy’s creative director, Howard Wakefield, says, ’We chose that font particularly for its “Xs”, which might be used to represent the tenth anniversary.’ Wakefield adds that the ’C’ of Citizen ’looks like a speaker’.

Colourways are used monochromatically on the marque and main identity, with the exception of a red keyline, which, Wakefield says, ’gives a glowing, neon effect’.

Wakefield says he hopes the identity will be a visual cue for further Citizen Records’ communications and the consultancy is in discussions with the company about implementation.

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  • Sarah Parris November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    To see the ‘ctz’ marque mentioned in the above article where the ‘c’ resembles a speaker please go to our blog

    This was a really fun identity to work on and a good excuse to blast some great music out in the studio.

    Citizen Records, is the renowned independent French record label with an acclaimed reputation in the electro scene comes from bands such as Zoot Woman, Teenage Bad Girl, South Central and The Penelopes along with the epic live performances at festivals they organise around the world

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