3 October 2002

Wilkinson takes a leap with US tech ‘mentors’

Wilkinson has designed an identity for start-up venture Atlantic Leap, a company created to facilitate the expansion of US technology businesses into Europe. The identity, which launches this week, will initially be applied across stationery and a website, which the consultancy also hopes to design and will be incorporated in marketing material and signage as […]

Stress there’s a return on investment with design

I agree with Adrian Shaughnessy that a lot of current marketing speak has become devalued and meaningless, suffering from hype and a dash of the magician’s cloak and, dare I say it, a chance in some cases to talk up the fee (Design Business, DW 5 September). It’s interesting that none of the consultancy buzzwords […]


Owen & Avery has created a prospectus for Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.

Thomas Heatherwick’s Glass Bridge

Thomas Heatherwick’s Glass Bridge, due to be installed next year in London’s Paddington Basin redevelopment, has won the inaugural £15 000 Bombay Sapphire Prize for Glass Design. The deck of the 7m-span, illuminated bridge contains pieces of water-cut glass, set on edge and laminated together to form the arch. Tom Dixon, one of the judges, […]

Cleaning up your lifestyle

Clive Walker wants to be sure you don’t mistake the sink unblocker for your foot scrub as supermarkets rebrand their beauty and household cleaning products

Last call for DW Awards entries

There is just over a week left to enter the 2003 Design Week Awards, the closing date for which is Friday 11 October. For details e-mail designweek.awards@centaur.co.uk or call 020 7970 4772.

Seasiders to be sheltered from Blackpool wind

A stroll along Blackpool promenade may not be such a whirlwind affair in future thanks to a series of rotating wind-shelters designed for the resort’s South Shore. Created by architect Ian McChesney with engineer Atelier One, the shelters rotate into the prevailing wind and are therefore intended to offer constant protection. They are scheduled to […]


Bloc has designed a PlayStation 2 brand website for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The site, www.play stationemotions.com, will be available in 11 languages.

Comic book capers

Comic strip and graphic novel designers are embracing new technology, while Hollywood is plundering their art form. Where does this leave the traditional comic? Yolanda Zappaterra investigates

Vox pop

Patricia Hewitt this week said Britain is a nation of workaholics and a survey of 400 professionals shows that workers are reluctant to embrace flexible working hours, for fear it harms their chances of promotion. What is your view? How do you achieve a satisfactory work/life balance and how do you encourage your staff to […]


Coinciding with Autism Awareness year and the 40th anniversary of the National Autistic Society, Rosie Barnes shows photographs of her autistic son at Understanding Stanley until 11 October. Venue: Unit 2 Gallery, 59 White-chapel High Street, London E1. Artist David Gentleman shows logos, posters, stamps and watercolours at Artwork from 7-13 October. A book of […]


BBC screens its latest prehistoric nature programme Wild New World this week, with 3D animation, computer-generated effects, specialist filming and compositing by BBC MediaArc Bristol.

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