Barraclough Associates redesigns Batiste shampoo to stand out from the salon crowd


Barraclough Associates has redesigned the Batiste Dry Shampoo product range.

The Manchester-based consultancy began working on the project in September 2010 after a no-pitch meeting between the two companies.

Barraclough was tasked with creating a more contemporary design for the brand, which was last rebranded in 2008.

Barraclough managing director Lindsay Gregory says, ’We quickly identified that the convention within the dry shampoo market is for sanitised packaging with little self-expression for individual products within ranges.’

Gregory says that the Batiste brand has been built on its ’inherent quirkiness’. The new packaging design was born out of a desire to stand out from the range of salon dry shampoos that are emerging which are very ’sanitised and corporate-looking’, Barraclough creative director David Barraclough says.

’Batiste is the original dry shampoo, the almost mish-mashed design is what makes it Batiste, so we wanted to clean it up and free up colour palettes for each product range,’ he explains.

Batiste’s marketing manager Sarah Rose says, ’Barraclough’s problem-solving approach not only gives us a stronger branded presence and striking packaging, but a flexible base upon which to build. Their contribution to on-pack communication was invaluable.’

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