Tutssels’ unit tunes in TV ads

Tutssels appears to be capturing client interest by launching a new unit to help brand the vital final seconds of TV commercials.

Also aimed at branding sponsorship sequences around TV programmes, the new unit is already working on 15 projects, says Helen Owen, Tutssels managing director since September.

The on-screen branding service has Mark Sherwood as producer and Rob Kelly as director. Kelly has worked for Tutssels’ sister company Lambie-Nairn since 1977.

Owen says: “There is a market there. Brand owners care about the closing sequences of adverts. However, they are often dull and unimaginative, making what should be the strongest part of an advert the weakest.

“We want to present these three to seven seconds in a really creative and highly strategic way.” If successful, more staff will be taken on, she adds.

Tutssels has designed packaging for this month’s relaunch of non-premium beer Tennent’s Pilsner (pictured). Assistant creative director Nick Hanson says the red and white colours have shelf-shout.

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