Groups see Sense for update

Deaf and blind charity Sense is currently talking to a number of consultancies with a view to redesigning its identity. The review has been initiated to reflect the growth in the charity’s support services.

Founded in 1955 as a parent’s self-help group, Sense supports individuals and families coping with disabilities such as deaf-blindness and other results of rubella (German measles).

“We are in touch with about half a dozen different consultancies to redesign our identity. We hope to make an appointment within the next fortnight,” says a Sense spokesman.

“The current identity was designed in the early 1980s. We are now 100 times the size we were then. We used to work with a fairly narrow group of people who are deaf and blind, but we have broadened to other groups,” he adds.

Sense’s identity needs to be “relevant and dynamic”. It will aim to represent a number of senses in a small space, while underlining that Sense is about senses, not an acronym title.

Sense declined to name the consultancies currently involved in the credentials pitch.

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